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Zoe Carter

Breathable Mesh HightTop Safety Shoes AntiSmash Steel Toe Work Shoes

Breathable Mesh HightTop Safety Shoes AntiSmash Steel Toe Work Shoes

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These Breathable Mesh Hight-Top Safety Shoes Anti-Smash Steel Toe Work Shoes are built with an outsole that helps provide slip-resistance and traction on various surfaces. the safety shoes for men with durable uppers and classic lace-up fastening for an athletic sneaker look, the work shoes can be as comfortable as your daily shoes.

The high-quality insole of these safety shoes for men is designed through ergonomics and can provide excellent spring back and support, especially for the arch of the foot to provide strong shock absorption, cushioning, and processing ability. After wearing the steel toe sneakers for a long time, it still maintains excellent performance and achieves the most comfortable state. After a simple running-in period, you will get a perfect pair of steel toe work shoes.

The steel toe shoes for men feature breathable fabric upper, they still retain chic style for those who engaged in warehouse, construction, exploitation, forging, or manufacture. The durable steel toe sneakers allow you to work in winter and keep your feet warm.

The steel toe work sneakers use European standard steel toe caps and high-quality injection steel plates to protect your feet from being punctured during work. These steel toe shoes are more effective to perform on the job site, has more advantages, and are lighter weight. The steel toe shoes for men provide ultimate protection and comfort, have anti-penetration, are durable enough, and can be used for a longer time.


  • The solid but comfortable upper of these safety shoes will not bring extra pressure and discomfort to the feet.
  • These slip-resistant steel toe shoes can also work as hiking shoes for outdoor use.
  • Our steel toe work shoes have a special rubber sole that is used for shock absorption and has a very strong cushioning performance.
  • Our composite toe shoes are used to prevent the sole from being pierced by sharp objects and protect your feet.
  • These steel-toe shoes provide a comfortable foot experience, ensuring comfort and breathability for long-term work.
  • The steel toe work shoes are embedded with steel plates at the toes.
  • These safety shoes are very hard, which can effectively prevent the toes from being injured by heavy objects.
  • The anti-slip design of the sole pattern and the addition of anti-slip grooves on our steel toe work shoes ensure the grip performance of mud, ice, and snow roads, high-temperature resistance, and no deformation.
  • The steel toe shoes for men can not only protect your feet but also relieve foot odor and reduce foot odor.


  • Shaft Material:鑱組esh (Air mesh)
  • Outsole Material:鑱絉ubber
  • Upper Material:鑱組esh (Air mesh)
  • Insole Material:鑱紽abric
  • Lining Material:鑱紺otton Fabric
  • Toe Shape:鑱絉ound Toe
  • Heel Height:鑱紽lat (閿?cm)
  • Closure Type:鑱絃ace-up

Package Includes:

  • 1X Breathable Mesh Hight-Top Safety Shoes Anti-Smash Steel Toe Work Shoes
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