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Zoe Carter

Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum - 750 ml bottle

Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum - 750 ml bottle

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Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum is a premium blended rum that was developed and inspired by owner and founder, country singer Kenny Chesney. The initial taste has a blend of exotic flavors of vanillas and the delicate flavors of the Caribbean rum. It is just the rum one need to make the best of cocktails and rum and cokes for their next beach party or beach themed party. The mixture is as pleasing to the palate as it is to the nose. At 26.5% ABV, the flavored rums contain over 25% more rum than the competitors in the market place. This results in richer flavors in your cocktail. Also, because of the higher strength, ice does not dilute the flavor of your rum cocktail as much as it does with the competitor brands.

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