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Zoe Carter

Blue Chair Bay Rum, Coconut - 1.75 l

Blue Chair Bay Rum, Coconut - 1.75 l

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Caribbean rum with coconut flavor. Premium blend. There's a blue rocking chair sitting in the sand weathered by the storms and well oiled hands it sways back and forth with the help of the winds and seas to always be there like an old trusted friend. Kenny Chesney has always brought his inspiration from the islands to share with the world. Now he's starting the beach to bottle movement with Blue Chair Bay Rum - all blended from rums from one of the Caribbean's oldest distilleries. I'm happiest when my soul is still, down in the island with nowhere to go and nowhere to be. That's where I met one of the world's great master blenders to capture that spirit and bottle it up. Gluten free. 26.5% alc/vol. Bottled by Fishbowl Spirits, Rochester, NY.

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