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Zoe Carter

Baileys Liqueur, Strawberries & Cream - 750 ml

Baileys Liqueur, Strawberries & Cream - 750 ml

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Bailey's was founded by the Hayden family. They came up with a brilliant idea, mixing their delicious dairy cream with world renowned Irish Whiskey. After two years of trial and error in 1974 they made it. They added the finest spirits, rich chocolate, several spiced ingredients, and vanilla extracts. Running a family farm, they combined farming with inventing a creme liqueur. Joe Hayden, Baileys Partner Farmer, has milked at the family farm for over 44 years and with his children have milked at least 3.5 million cows in his life. Joe and Michael, fourth generation owners, are determined to preserve their dairy farm. They wish to continue this way of life for years to come. Joe is so close to his cows that he remembers which ones are the mothers and which are related to which ancestors. The cows miss him after he comes back from business trips. Baileys Strawberries and Cream have dreamy and delicious ingredients with rich flavors of strawberry bubble and pure flavors that will have you wanting more! An amazing combination of talent and distillation. The mixture of Irish creme and strawberries really work wonders. Drink over the rocks and you got yourself an adult snow cone. The rich milk flavors hit the spot and really work wonders. Makes amazing dessert cocktails! Really great with Ice Cream!

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