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Zoe Carter

Bacardi Rum, Gold - 750 ml

Bacardi Rum, Gold - 750 ml

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Immerse yourself in the full-bodied flavor of BACARDI Carta Oro (GOLD). This rum is a treasure trove of taste, teeming with intense vanilla and caramel notes. Toasted almond and banana undertones create a unique depth, while the warm aroma of orange peel pervades each sip. A subtle oak finish rounds off the experience, making BACARDI Carta Oro a must-have in your personal collection. Indulge in the rich flavors of Bacardi Gold, a key offering in WhiskeyD's dark rum collection. The complexity of its profile, with its hints of vanilla and caramel, aligns perfectly with our other meticulously curated flavored rums. If you're an aficionado of aged rum, this golden spirit with a touch of oak will fit right into your taste preferences. So, whether you're exploring our spiced rum or white rum varieties, don't miss out on the unique experience that Bacardi Gold has to offer. Bacardi Gold, an esteemed member of the Bacardi family, has a rich heritage that dates back to the brand's inception in 1862. Crafted with precision and expertise, Bacardi Gold captures the essence of exceptional rum. Its intense notes of vanilla, caramel, toasted almond, and banana, infused with the warm aroma of orange peel and a subtle oak finish, create a flavor profile that appeals to a wide range of rum enthusiasts in the United States. From connoisseurs seeking depth and complexity to casual rum drinkers appreciating its smoothness, Bacardi Gold continues to captivate and satisfy a diverse audience of rum lovers.

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