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Zoe Carter

Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Poblano Liqueur (750 ml)

Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Poblano Liqueur (750 ml)

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This spirit is a light greenish brown hue. Notes of poblano pepper, lightly charred and pungent with the aroma of a cheese loaded chile. Sweetness on the palate to help cut the vegetal note and hints of citrus. The finish is spicy, but not overwhelmingly hot.With much anticipation, Ancho Reyes has released a limited edition second product, Ancho Reyes Verde, a green chili liqueur that is sure to become another favorite. Verde is made from chili peppers harvested in late August before they turn vibrant red from more time in the sun. The green Ancho peppers have a more bright and vegetal flavor than sun-ripened red peppers, which become sweeter with more time on the vine. These flavors are directly translated into each spirit. The Ancho Reyes Verde is bright, herbal, and spicy, with fresh-from-the-garden flavors (compared to the sweet and caramelized spice of the original Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur). The freshness of the green Chile liqueur will go beautifully with your silver tequila margarita or even a piquant gimlet.

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