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Zoe Carter

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Sprint RC Car Wall Climber - Red

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Sprint RC Car Wall Climber - Red

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With the patented Wall Climber Technology this nimble toy car can drive on any smooth surface like walls floors and even upside down on your ceilings. Can your toy cars do that? Go between floor racing and wall/ceiling racing modes at the switch of a button located on the back of the vehicle. Watch the round wheels and iconic racing-red car zip and zoom through your home as one of your child鈥檚 new favourite cool toys. The multi-direction remote control allows you to develop accuracy and master your Wall Racer skills. Spin around in any direction and have all eyes on your race car. Recharge your remote control car via the included USB-C charging cable to bolt into your next race. 2 AAA batteries (not included) are required to power the remote control. This makes a great addition to playing with your other monster trucks toys and games around the house. Celebrate 25 years of Air Hogs fun and have a whirl anywhere indoors with the Zero Gravity Sprint Wall Climber.

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